Energy / Sustainable Design


Responsible design is an important influence at Advanced Engineering Consultants. We are fortunate to have clients that desire to have high performance buildings in their real estate portfolio.

AEC is a Columbus Green Spot Business and a member of the US Green Building Council. AEC has a high percentage of LEED Accredited Professionals on staff. A significant percentage of our projects are either pursuing LEED certification or must meet the strict requirements of the Federal Government’s Energy Policy Act (EPACT) of 2005.

Working in this environment has made us proficient in the process of designing sustainable facilities for our clients. Advanced Engineering Consultants' interests and efforts involve the following concepts:

  • Geothermal and other types of earth-coupled systems
  • Aqueous Thermal Storage
  • Natural ventilation, night ventilation strategies and labyrinth pre-cooling
  • Elimination of reheat and minimization of fan energy through chilled beams and variable refrigerant flow technology
  • Separation of ventilation from space heating and cooling
  • Cogeneration
  • Thermal Energy Storage
  • Daylighting

Advanced Engineering Consultants believes that the cost of fossil fuels is on the verge of an historic ascent and that our clients will increasingly recognize the importance of managing and reducing their energy costs. We have staff with Certified Energy Manager (CEM), Certified Energy Auditor (CEA) and Certified Commissioning Authority (CxA) credentials and provide the following energy related services:

  • Energy audits
  • Energy conservation projects
  • AC Motor survey and analysis
  • Rate analysis
  • Lighting analysis
  • Demand side program assistance
  • Energy procurement and incentives research
  • Operation, maintenance and systems training
  • Building simulation and modeling
  • Commissioning
LEED Gold Certified Projects
New Fire Station No. 10, Columbus, OH
New Fire Station No. 35, Columbus, OH (Registered)
New Franklin County Courthouse, Columbus, OH
COTA Fields Ave. Bus Maintenance Facility, Columbus, OH
COTA Headquarters Building, Columbus, OH (Pending)
LEED Silver Certified Projects
Moffett Field Reserve Center, Sunnyvale, CA
Security Forces Headquarters, Crane, IN
Soldier Family Assistance Center, Fort Campbell, KY
Secured Engineering Facility, Crane, IN
New Pipeline Dormitory, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH
New West Side Family Health and Wellness Center, Columbus, OH