Building assessments are critical to many of our clients. They look to AEC to perform a thorough evaluation of the buildings’ mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems and provide feedback on ways to improve the systems. AEC engineers are highly proficient in their assessments. Using our education and experience, we look at every component to ensure systems are working properly. We provide complete feedback and recommendations for ways to enhance the building's performance.

ADJ Assessment

ADJ Energy Audits & Electrical Assessments

Size: Electrical Assessment of 28 Buildings; Level 2 Energy Audit of 8 buildings

Facility Type: Ohio National Guard Armories

Services: Comprehensive evaluation of the electrical system. Each report included the condition of the electrical system, identified deficiencies, code compliance issues & areas needing improvements, provided useful energy enhancement information regarding cost savings, increasing system efficiencies & performance & cost avoidance.

ODRC Assessment

ODR&C Facility Assessments

Size: 16 Institutions

Facility Type: Various correctional facilities under ODRC

Services: Performed full MEP/FP system assessment; recommended repair/replacements and related costs. Assisted in preparation of preliminary and final reports in accordance with OFCC criteria.

WP Assessment

West Point Assessments & Energy Audits

Size: 17 buildings

Facility Type: Various buildings on US Military Academy Campus

Services: Energy assessment & analysis of multiple buildings. Performed Level 2 energy audit & determined energy target & current energy usage of each building & developed energy conservation measures to reach energy targets. Evaluated equipment/systems to determine steam usage, life-cycle cost effective solutions to decentralize each building, & developed detailed scope of work to decentralize buildings