AEC is often asked by our clients to provide construction administrative services for the projects we work on. Our clients know that they can trust us to monitor their project from start to finish. Our engineers not only provide engineering design solutions, but also provide construction documents, perform site visits, and monitor construction progress. They ensure each any every project aspect is given the attention it needs to avoid problems in the long run. Our construction administrative services include:

- Bidding and Contracts

- Administration

- Field Observation

- Shop Drawing Review

- Commissioning and Closeout

- LEED Template Completion


NASA Central Compressed Air Improvements

Square Footage: 30,900

Facility Type: Research facility

Services: CA services for two project phases on repairs to the central compressed air system. Replaced the service air compressor with a new air compressor & an associated air dryer designed for a minimum 30-year sustainable lifespan; modified the existing cooling tower water system to serve the new air compressor; & demolished an existing motor-generator & associated liquid rheostat.

NASA Steam

NASA Steam Distribution System Repairs

Square Footage: 13,000 FT steam supply piping

Facility Type: Research facility

Services: CA services for two project phases for the repair of existing steam lines and the distribution system at NASA’s Lewis Field campus. Replaced steam main and select condensate return piping, valves, expansion joints, and branch lines in 4 buildings and along 2 roads; installed new usage meters; repaired trench systems; replaced steam system components; and repaired concrete/pavement.

Police Lab

Police Crime Laboratory and Property Room

Square Footage: 160,000

Facility Type: Warehouse; Laboratory; Administrative Offices;

Services: CA services for a new crime lab and property room for the Columbus Police Department which involved the renovation of an old warehouse and the construction of an addition over two project phases. Engineering design focused on security, environmental control of lab space, and storage of evidence.