Mechanical systems are at the core of every building and no one understands that more than AEC’s team of engineers. Our engineers will work with you to identify your needs and energy saving goals. We will design a system that is efficient and meets each established need to produce a comfortable building environment for occupants. We provide a full range of services that include:

- Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

- Central Plant: Steam, Hot Water, Chilled Water

- Boiler and Controls

- Laboratory Ventilation

- Temperature Controls

- Energy Conservation

Cincinnati Art Academy Renovations

Square Footage: 23,200

Facility Type: Museum and Office

Services: Preparation of construction documents for HVAC, electrical plumbing, and fire protection systems. HVAC system included dedicated outdoor air supply unit for occupied zones, space thermostats with temperature and humidity detection, zone fan coil units dedicated to specific zone thermal condition requirements.

Columbus Municipal Court HVAC

Square Footage: 345,000

Facility Type: Offices, Courtrooms, Govt

Services: MEPT/FP for renovations on four floors. HVAC replacement of an existing high pressure VAV diffuser with variable air volume box with reheat coil, low pressure ductwork, diffuser. Upgrade space temperature control with direct digital temp control. Construction required closure of downtown streets and lift for rooftop HVAC replacement.

WPAFB Air-Handling Unit Replacement

Square Footage: 176,300

Facility Type: High Security Military Building

Services: Assessment and Replacement of air handling units, return fans and ductwork, mixing boxes and air devices.