Highway Lighting


AEC has extensive design experience with highway and roadway lighting, from city streets with decorative lighting to massive Interstate highway interchanges. Some key projects we've been involved with include:

ODOT Project MOT-75: AEC provided complex lighting design and construction documents for three phases of constuction for Interstate 75 through Dayton, OH. This included multiple interchanges, downtown interstate lighting and multiple bridges. The first two stages are under construction, while the final phase is in the design stage.

ODOT Project LUC-475-14.53: AEC Provided complex lighting design for over three miles of mainline Interstate and the I-75/I-475 interchange in Toledo, OH, as well as six bridges an underpass and a tunnel. Full lighting design, photometric analysis and construction documents were created.

ODOT Project LAK-2-7.76: AEC designed and produced construction documents for mainline lighting of 1.8 miles of State Route 2 and the S.R. 2 and S.R. 44 interchange in Lake County.

ODOT Project FRA-270: AEC is designing complex lighting and producing construction documents for the North Outerbelt interchange improvement in Columbus, OH. This project involves complete redesign of the Interstate 270 / S.R. 315 / U.S. 23 interchanges and 1.5 miles of mainline Interstate 270. The project is currently in the design phase and will be completed in late 2011.

Columbus Dr, East Chicago, IN: AEC designed new roadway lighting and produced construction documents in compliance with INDOT standards for a 3/4 mile stretch of U.S. 12 (Columbus Dr.) in East Chicago, Indiana.

Main Street, Speedway, IN: AEC designed decorative street lighting for one mile of urban roadway in Speedway, Indiana. Additionally, AEC provided power design for street fed power outlets for holiday lighting and street fairs.