AEC has significant experience with design/build projects on both sides of the design/build table – both as the RFP preparer and as a successful responder to RFP solicitations. We have prepared a number of D/B RFPs in recent years. The RFPs have varied in their level of detail from those that stipulate only the performance requirements to those that contain a significantly developed concept design depending upon our client’s desires. Our experience successfully responding to design build RFP’s provides our clients with a significant asset when we prepare RFPs for them. A well-crafted RFP is one which clearly defines the requirements for the project in a way that is measurable and verifiable. It provides all the information required for the responders to prepare a proposal that is competitive and meets the needs of the client and the project. Our quality control reviewers have successfully responded to dozens of RFP’s – their evaluation of our RFP packages, among other criteria, is to determine whether the RFP requirements are sufficiently defined to develop a complete response.

Crane D/B

D/B Construction | Crane Strategic Weapons Facility

Square Footage: 50,700

Facility Type: Military compound, laboratory

Services: MEPT engineering design including services for 100KW generator and UPS system, access controlled lab spaces, dry air/nitrogen distribution system, fire protection system, classified and unclassified information systems, humidity controlled spaces.

FT.Bragg D/B

D/B Construction | FT. Bragg 3 rd BCT HQ & IOP Center

Square Footage: HQ: 41,000; IOP: 15,000

Facility Type: Military Compound, Admin Offices

Services: MEPT engineering design with Secure and non-secure telecommunication and protected distribution systems.; HQ mechanical system included separate HVAC systems for two buildings, standby generators and UPS system. Headquarters is LEED Silver certified.


D/B RFP | WPAFB Pipeline Dorm

Square Footage: 52,000

Facility Type: Dormitory

Services: MEPT engineering design to achieve LEED Silver certification.


D/B RFP | WPAFB Security Forces

Square Footage: 52,000

Facility Type: Military Compound and Warehouse

Services: Full MEPT engineering design and Title II Construction Phase Services for new military compound.