AEC engineers understand the challenges faced when designing new plumbing systems or replacing old ones in buildings. They work closely with the engineering team to ensure the plumbing solutions are well integrated into the overall engineering design and that all plumbing needs are met. Using their education and experience they are able to offer a full range of services that include:

- Domestic water and hot water systems

- Water treatment systems

- Sanitary Drain Replacement

- Vent Piping Risers

- Floor Drainage Systems

- Master Shut-Off Valve Installation

- Geothermal Cooling Systems

- Storm Water Drainage Systems


Central Safety Building

Size: 11-story building

Facility Type: Office building; Police holding facility.

Services: Full plumbing renovation included existing sanitary drain piping, vent piping risers, all wall hung fixtures, exposed flush valves, and floor drains. Master shut-off valve installed for domestic water. Construction work was completed during night off-hours and building remained operational throughout.

Death Row

Chillicothe CI Death Row

Square Footage: 100,000

Facility Type: Jail

Services:Replacement of plumbing mains in crawl spaces, 32 plumbing riser stacks, and replacement of all fixtures. Installation of new metal grating at floor level and repair of concrete walls. Replacement of existing domestic cold water lines, sanitary drain lines, vent lines, water closest and lavatory. Facility remained fully operational during construction.


Huber Heights Schools

Square Footage: 721,040 (6 buildings)

Facility Type: PreK-12 Schools

Services: Complete plumbing and fire protection engineering for six new schools designed to achieve LEED Gold certification. Plumbing designs included sanitary system, storm system, potable water system, domestic water heater system, natural gas system, and plumbing fixtures and equipment.