AEC engineers have participated in many different studies for previous clients including energy-efficiency and chilled water studies. Our engineers are able to understand our client’s plans and perform a study that offers options to meet goals for future development. Our clients rely on our expertise to guide them in making engineering improvements and changes that will greatly impact their buildings.


NASA High Voltage Master Plan

Facility Type: Electrical Distribution System for Research Facility

Services: Facility and equipment assessments for a portion of the high voltage distribution system at Lewis Field and Plum Brook Station that exhibited symptoms of potential failure. The assessment was a precursor to the 20-year plan designed to replace or upgrade aging high voltage equipment and meet the mandated energy efficiency goals of the federal govt.


WPAFB NASIC Chilled Water Study

Facility Type: Military Building

Services: Analysis of central chilled water system with respect to its ability to serve the cooling needs of the complex now and in the future.


WPAFB Peak Shaving Generator Study

Facility Type: Research Laboratory

Services: Investigated the needs of the Air Force Research Lab, examined the feasibility and costs of installing a new generator, provided probable maintenance and operating costs, compared the costs versus purchasing additional electric power from the local utility, and listed any additional benefits of installing a new genset.